Operated By The Elyria Public Library

In order to provide an atmosphere conducive to the appropriate use of the Elyria Public Library System's services and facilities, the following policy was developed. Expulsion or exclusion from Library Facilities may result if these rules and regulations are not followed.

Library Activities

Library approved activities may include but are not limited to: reading, studying, writing, informational needs, use of public access computers, and related activities.

The Elyria Public Library System seeks to provide quality library service to all patrons. The following code of conduct has been adopted for the comfort and protection of the rights of all those using and working in the Elyria Public Library. The library staff will enforce this code in a courteous but firm manner. We ask your cooperation in helping us to provide a safe and pleasant environment for all our patrons and staff.

We do not permit conduct that disturbs others or interferes with any person’s comfort or safety, such as:

The Library must prioritize public health and safety

The Library reserves the right to ban customers when there is evidence of a public health risk and/or pests. Patrons shall maintain a generally acceptable standard of personal hygiene. Health or hygiene conditions that constitute a nuisance, such as strong or offensive body odor, are considered unacceptable. Patrons must wear a shirt and shoes at all times.

Please recognize that the Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

We recommend that patrons do not leave personal belongings unattended.

Library staff cannot act in the place of parents or caregivers

Young children and vulnerable patrons are not to be left unattended in Library facilities, even when caregivers are in other areas of the building. Patrons of all ages are permitted to use Library computers to access the internet, and any restrictions of a child’s access to the internet are the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

If a child is left unattended:

Enjoy snacks responsibly.

Light snacks and covered beverages are permitted in designated areas in all of our branches. Please remember to discard or recycle garbage before you leave and tidy your area for the next patron.

Damages, Suspension, Expulsion

Failure to comply with the behavior guidelines stated above will result in escalating responses ranging from recovery for damages and/or limitations on service, to revocation of Library privilege(s), eviction from the premises, or criminal prosecution depending on the severity and frequency of the violation and if there is local, state or federal law.

Those who intentionally damage or deface Library materials or property may be prosecuted. Parents can be liable for damage done by a child under the age of eighteen.

Enforcement and Appeal

The Library Director and his/her designated staff are authorized to interpret these rules in accordance with applicable law and to ensure appropriate behavior of all persons in the Library facilities.

Any person receiving a warning for a violation of the above rules and regulations will be required to provide some form of identification which may be copied and recorded, along with documentation of the violation, for future use by Library staff or Library Board of Trustees in determining the need for expulsion or exclusion, or any notice of the reasons.

Any person who is asked to leave a Library facility as a result of violating these rules and regulations and refuses to do so shall be considered a trespasser and may be subject to permanent expulsion and/or arrest. Further, the Library Board of Trustees, on recommendation by the Library Director, may deny any patron who violates these rules and regulations future access to Library facilities any patron whose privileges have been denied, or who has been permanently excluded from Library facilities, upon written petition within thirty (30) days of the decision to do so, may appeal the decision to the Board of Directors.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees December 9, 2002