Library Card Registration

Registration Policy

1) Purpose: Library users must be registered in order to borrow materials from the Library. The Registration procedure ensures that those who are eligible may borrow materials. It also enables the Library to identify and send notices to delinquent borrowers and to notify users of the availability of materials on reserve for them.

2) Eligibility: Any Ohio resident is eligible to register for a Library card providing patron can verify identification with a current photo ID and current residency. Acceptable photo ID includes a driver's license, state identification, passport or school identification. An envelope with a recent postmark, checkbook, lease or utility bill may be used to verify the address. A parent or legal guardian must show their ID for children under 7th grade and the child must be present in order to get a card.

3) Restrictions:

A) No person may be registered for more than one personal active library card. Duplicate cards will be deleted.

B) Patron is responsible for all items checked out on his/her library card. Patron must report the loss/theft of his/her card immediately.

C) Parent or legal guardian is responsible for all material borrowed by their minor child.

D) An adult whose own card is blocked may not sign for new cards for children.

4) Types of Registration:

A) Clevnet - Cardholder may check out material from any Clevnet library. Patrons with a temporary residence will be issued a card upon verification of local and home addresses.

B) Business - Business cards may be issued in the name of a corporation, institution, etc. One individual with the organization will be the contact person and responsible for reimbursement for fines and charges due to lost items and/or overdue charges. Card will empire one year from date of issue.

C) Greater Access Card - Cardholder may check out materials from any Clevnet or Cuyahoga County Public Library. The same card must be taken to a Cuyahoga County Public Library to be activated in their system.

5) Registration Procedure:

A) Ask patron to complete registration form.

B) Verify patron's residency.

1) Request the patron's identification. Applicant's full legal name must appear on the registration form. If the address on the license differs from that on the registration form, ask for proof of residency. This may be a recent utility bill. A post office box will be accepted only with a verified street address.

2) If the person is an adult who does not have an Ohio driver's license or is new to Ohio, ask for an Ohio identification card or other photo ID. Proof of address may be a recent utility bill or imprinted checks with the patron's current address. Proof of residency is required before a patron receives a library card.

3) Juveniles (under 7th grade) require parent or legal guardian's signature.

C) After verifying name and proof of residency:

1) Check computer by full legal name, social security number, if available, and address for duplicate card. Ask the patron if they had previously registered or been issued a card. If previous card has been lost or stolen, replace card according to replacement procedures

2) Patron may check out two (2) items at the first check out. After those are returned, the patron may check out up to the current limit.

D) Library will only issue cards up to thirty (30) minutes before closing.

6) lnform Patron of the Following:

A) The library card is good at all Elyria Public Library facilities and all Clevnet libraries, including their branches i.e. Lorain, Medina, Sandusky. Greater Access cards may also be used at any Cuyahoga County Public Library after is it registered in Cuyahoga County.

B) The patron is responsible for all items checked out on his/her card.

C) If the card is lost or stolen, the Library should be notified as soon as possible to avoid paying for any materials checked out on the card by an unauthorized person.

D) There is a $1 .00 charge for a replacement card. There is no charge for a name change, address change or change in patron status, i.e. juvenile to adult.

E) Inform the patron that any lost item will be charged at the replacement cost.

F) Inform patron of the current borrowing limit.

Approved: June 9, 2003

Revised: March 13, 2006

Amended June 13, 2011 to take effect July I, 2011

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