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Winter 2024 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published for the winter of 2023, recommended by your EPL librarians. Download the printable list here.

Spring 2024 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published for the spring of 2024, recommended by your EPL librarians.
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Summer 2024 Book List | A list of fiction titles to be published for the summer of 2024, recommended by your EPL librarians.
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March 2024

Speculations in Sin 
Ashley, Jennifer 

To save a man’s life, Kat must expose a financial scam that could ruin the most powerful aristocrats in Victorian-era London.

Book: Gods and DragonsMurder at La Villette
Black, Cara 
AimĂ©e Leduc has been framed for the murder of her daughter’s father and now must find the real killer to clear her name.
Book: Son of SveaThe Woman With No Name 
Blake, Audrey 

Though she survived the bomb that destroyed her home, Yvonne Rudellat's life is over. Until she's offered a chance to remake herself entirely

Book: Brown GirlsThe Princess of Las Vegas 
Bohjalian, Chris 
A Princess Diana impersonator and her estranged sister find themselves drawn into a dangerous game of money and on the Las Vegas strip.
Book: BibliolepsyVictim 
Boryga, Andrew 
There’s a fine line between bending the truth and telling bold-faced lies, and Javier Perez is willing to cross it.
Book: The Stars Are Not Yet BellsIn Sunshine or in Shadow 
Bowen, Rhys 
Retired Detective Molly Murphy Sullivan is back.
Book: Bye Bye BabyThe Hidden Queen 
Brett, Peter V. 
The second book in The Nightfall Saga, the stunning new epic fantasy series set in the world of The Demon Cycle.
Book: Outcasts of the WildwoodThe Tower 
Carr, Flora 
Reimagining Mary, Queen of Scots’s darkest hour, when she was held hostage in a remote Scottish castle with a handful of loyal women while plotting a daring escape. 
Book: The Last Mrs. SummersMurder in the Tea Leaves 
Childs, Laura 

It’s Lights, Action, Murder as tea maven Theodosia Browning scrambles for clues.

Book: The Girl Who Could Breathe Under WaterThe Girl We Sent Away
Church, Meagan
In 1960 when girl next door Lorraine Delford becomes pregnant she quickly is sent to a "maternity home for wayward girls," but this is no safe haven.
Book: Her Hidden GeniusCape Rage
Corbett, Ron
Danny Barrett is caught between a family of criminals and the psychopath who is tracking them.
Book: Show Me the BunnyFinlay Donovan Rolls the Dice 
Cosimano, Elle 
Finlay’s girls’ weekend away in Atlantic City leaves her wondering if she is going to get out in one piece.
Book: The Shattered SkiesGreat Expectations
Cunningham, Vinson 

A historic presidential campaign changes the trajectory of a young Black man's life in the highly anticipated debut novel from one of The New Yorker's rising stars.

Book: Yinka, Where Is Your Husband?Day One
Dean, Abigail 
A village hall, a primary school play, a beautiful Lake District town. Into this step a lone gunman who sets off a train of events that will have devastating consequences. 
Book: Good Rich PeopleSleeping Giants 
Denfeld, Rene 
A story of siblings, foster children, monsters masquerading as caretakers, terrifying secrets, and the power of love to right even the most egregious wrongs.
Book: Find MeEvery Single Secret 
Dodd, Christina 
Rowan has been hiding since she was 14 and now she has been found. She has faced the horrors before, she’s plotted revenge, and she knows what she must do.
Book: Iron AnnieBecoming Madam Secretary 
Dray, Stephanie

A captivating and dramatic new novel about an American heroine Frances Perkins.

Book: The Last House on the StreetJames 
Everett, Percival L
A brilliant, action-packed reimagining of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, both harrowing and ferociously funny, told from the enslaved Jim's point of view.
Book: The Last House on the StreetHas Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?
French, Nicci 

She’s loved by all who meet her. But someone wants her gone.

Book: The School for Good MothersThe Hunter 
French, Tana 
It’s a blazing summer when two men arrive in a small village in the West of Ireland. They’re coming to get rich, but what they bring is trouble.
Book: Hot and Sour SuspectsStill See You Everywhere 
Gardner, Lisa 
Frankie Elkin has to locate the long-lost sister of a female serial killer facing execution in three weeks’ time.
Book: The BeholdenThe Mystery Writer 
Gentill, Sulari 

There's nothing easier to dismiss than a conspiracy theory—until it turns out to be true.

Book: A Stranger's GameAnita De Monte Laughs Last 
Gonzalez, Xochitl 
A mesmerizing novel about a first-generation Ivy League student who uncovers the genius work of a female artist decades after her suspicious death.
Book: A Killer SundaeThree Kinds of Lucky 
Harrison, Kim 

Luck is its own kind of magic, in this first book in an electrifying new contemporary fantasy series.

Book: Honey RoastedA Home for Friendless Women 
Hill, Kelly

In Victorian-era Louisville, the Home for Friendless Women has one mission: to reform fallen women through religious lessons and hard work.

Book: The Magnolia PalaceThose Beyond the Wall 
Johnson, Micaiah
Faced with a coming apocalypse, a woman must reckon with her past to solve a series of sudden and inexplicable deaths.
Book: Getting His Game BackThe Angel of Indian Lake 
Jones, Stephen Graham
Jade returns to Proofrock, only to find the Lake Witch is waiting for her.
Book: A Three Book ProblemSherlock Holmes and Dorian Gray
Klavier, Christian

Mysterious socialite Dorian Gray is at the centre of Sherlock Holmes' latest investigation. 

Book:Mrs. MarchMemory Piece 
Ko, Lisa
-An innovative and audacious story of three lifelong friends as they strive to build satisfying lives in a world that turns out to be radically different from the one they were promised.
Book: Murder on Prescott MountainEmpire of the Damned 
Kristoff, Jay 

Gabriel de LeĂłn has saved the Holy Grail from death, but his chance to end the endless night is lost.

Book: Mermaid ConfidentialFinding Sophie 
Mahmood, Imran 
Sophie King is missing. Her parents, teachers Harry and Zara, are distraught. But they are also on trial. Because something has happened to their main suspect. 
Book: Strangers I KnowMona of the Manor
Maupin, Armistead
A sharply witty comedy about identity, assumptions and finding a logical family in 1980s Thatcherite Britain.
Book: Life FlightHathor and the Prince 
McAvoy, JJ 
When the Queen announces she’ll be presenting Prince Wilhelm of Malrovia Hathor feels its her turn for her dreams to come true, but they quickly fade when she realizes he is nothing like she imagined.
Book: Cutthroat DogsDominoes
Mcintosh, Phoebe

A mixed-race British woman makes the shocking discovery in the days leading up to her wedding that her fiancé’s family may have enslaved her ancestors.

Book: Small WorldThe Morningside 
Obreht , TĂ©a 
A magical novel of mothers and daughters, displacement and belonging, and myths both old and new.`
Book: Greenwich ParkWandering Stars 
Orange, Tommy 
Tracing the legacies of the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School through to the shattering aftermath of Orvil Red Feather’s shooting.
Book: Savage RoadHappily Never After 
Painter, Lynn 

Their name? The objectors. Their job? To break off weddings as hired. Their dilemma? They might just be in love with each other.

Book: The Mitford VanishingA Midnight Puzzle 
Pandian, Gigi 

Secret Staircase Construction is being framed for a murder, and it is up to Tempest Raj to solve this puzzle of a mystery

Book: Crimes and CoversFinding Margaret Fuller 
Patakie, Allison 
An epic imagining of the life of Margaret Fuller—America’s forgotten leading lady and the central figure of a movement that defined a nation.
Book: A Heart AdriftHow to Solve Your Own Murder 
Perrin, Kristen
Frances always said she’d be murdered…she was right.
Book: SeoulmatesI am Rome 
Posteguillo, Santiago

Part sweeping historical epic, part legal thriller; following the trial that shaped the life of the young Julius Caesar and gave root to an immortal legacy.

Book: Much Ado About a LatteAfter Annie 
Quindlen, Anna

When Annie Brown dies suddenly, her husband, children, and closest friend are left to find a way forward without the woman who has been the lynchpin of all their lives.

Book: One Step Too FarA Grave Robbery 
Raybourn, Deanna 

Veronica and Stoker discover that not all fairy tales have happy endings, and some end in murder.

Book: Gods and DragonsThe Underground Library 
Ryan, Jennifer 
When the Blitz threatens the heart of a London neighborhood, three young women must use their fighting spirit to keep their community together.
Book: Son of SveaA Dark and Drowning Tide
Saft, Allison

A sharp-tongued folklorist must pair up with her academic rival to solve their mentor's murder.

Book: Brown GirlsTake Two, Birdie Maxwell 
Scotch, Allison Winn 
Hollywood’s biggest rom-com star tries to recover from her damaged reputation by staging her own rom-com and following a lead on a lost love.
Book: BibliolepsyThe Truth About the Devlins 
Scottoline, Lisa

Another pulse-pounding domestic thriller about family, justice, and the lies that tear us apart.

Book: The Stars Are Not Yet BellsExpiration Dates 
Serle, Rebecca 
Being single is like playing the lottery. There's always the chance that with one piece of paper you could win it all.
Book: Bye Bye BabyThe Phoenix Bride 
Siegel, Natasha 
A passionate tale of plague, fire, and forbidden love in seventeenth-century London.
Book: Outcasts of the WildwoodA Good Wolf Is Hard to Find 
Spear, Terry 

Agent Dylan Powers tracks the bad guys right to Roxie Wolff's ski lodge and finds love where he least expected.

Book: The Last Mrs. SummersA Touch of Chaos 
St. Clair, Scarlett 

The gods are at war, the Titans have been released, and Hades and Persephone must fight for their happy ending.

Book: The Girl Who Could Breathe Under WaterMurder Road 
St. James, Simone

A young couple find themselves haunted by a string of gruesome murders committed along an old deserted road.

Book: Her Hidden GeniusNever Too Late 
Steel, Danielle 

A stirring drama about the power of human connection and embracing brave change.

Book: Show Me the BunnySisters with a Side of Greens
Stimpson, Michelle

Two strong-willed sisters fight their way to forgiveness in this feel-good Southern fiction.

Book: The Shattered SkiesSutanto, Jesse Q
The God, the Bad, and the Aunties 

Meddy and her meddling aunties are back and about to land themselves in a whole new world of trouble.

Book: Yinka, Where Is Your Husband?Welcome to Forever 
Tavares, Nathan
A tale of two men caught in a world of artificial realities, edited memories, and conspiracies to push humanity to the next step in its evolution.
Book: Good Rich PeopleThe Hunt 
Taylor, Z W 

Charlotte has survived transforming into a werewolf, but now she must face her new life and the new world that she has been thrown into.

Book: Find MeThe Road to Murder 
Trinchieri, Camilla
The sole witness at a crime scene speaks only English, and ex-NYPD detective Nico Doyle is summoned to help.
Book: Iron AnnieThe New Couple in 5B 
Unger, Lisa 

A couple inherits an apartment with a spine-tingling past.